An integrative approach to medicine.
A human approach to care.

Appointments on your schedule  •  More time with your doctor  •  24/7 online access.


Meaningful long-term relationships
just got easier to find. 

Our mission – give every patient the kind of personalized care we would want.  

Founded by Dr. Pamela Hops and Dr. Sapna Chaudhary, Flatiron Family Medical is centered on an integrative approach to medicine—the idea of treating the whole you. We partner with every patient to understand and address the full range of physical, emotional, social and environmental influences that can affect your health.

By understanding everything that makes you, you, we’re able to go beyond simply treating symptoms. We’re able to build meaningful relationships and help our patients live happier, healthier lives.



Experts in integrative health. And designing your care around you.

We aim to provide the type of quality health care that is based on patient’s needs.

We're experts in integrative health - focused on treating the whole you. We’re knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of modalities, which is another way of saying we’re familiar with everything from traditional medicine to nutrition and alternative therapies. If you want to talk about acupuncture, so do we. If your kid wants to talk about dinosaurs, we love to do that, too. Because we’re not just your doctors. We’re your partners in health.




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Same day appointments
whenever available


24/7 access to a medical provider via our app


Free travel consults*


No charge for processing school, work or disability forms*


Dedicated triage nurse to help with questions and health concerns


Monthly health podcasts
on various topics by renowned speakers*


Virtual Visits – treat basic health issues from your home or office via video-conference*




We opened Flatiron Family Medical because we knew there was a better
way to care for patients. That’s why we offer modern,
convenient primary care designed around you.

All Flatiron Family Medical members pay an annual membership fee.
This allows us
to provide services and benefits* beyond what
most practices are able to offer. Once you've signed up,
you'll be able to book appointments and renew prescriptions
online and connect with our team 24/7/365 via our mobile app.



  • My entire family have been the patients of the family practice of Dr. Hops and Dr. Chaudhary for over 10 years. I started out when I was looking for specialists in adolescent care, and was so impressed with the care my children received that my husband and I signed on. The no nonsense approach is refreshing, and that includes both traditional medicine (my husband’s preference) and alternative practices (which I prefer). The availability of the doctors is refreshing in this day and age of phone trees. I have often called, texted or sent a picture and been rewarded with speedy responses. I love that when I reach out the doctor knows who I am and what my past history is. In addition, the doctors have a unique ability to talk to young adults in a way that they listen and heed the advice of the doctors. My children are healthful adults thanks to the care and attention they have received. Truly a remarkable feat.
    — Linda S.
  • This is a great practice – from start to finish. The staff is very attentive and professional while putting you at ease. The doctors are extremely caring, accessible (hard to find in NYC) and knowledgeable. The doctors are very down to earth in a straight forward way. I was impressed with the time the doctor took with me, making sure I understood everything prior to my leaving. I appreciated the follow up as well. I highly recommend the practice.
    — Rick M.
  • Dr. Hops is the family doctor you've always heard about but can never find. Attentive, available, knowledgeable, caring. She knows our whole family and treats us as whole beings, not billing codes. I feel more confident about our whole family's health, because we're in her care.
    — Adam F.
  • Dr. Chaudhary was the primary care physician to me and my family for several years until we moved out of the region. Dr. Hops was our back up. They navigated us through some very difficult medical terrain with a unique blend of professionalism and human touch. They administered the highest quality of integrative healthcare with every encounter. We will never be able to calculate the comfort we experienced in between, just knowing they were there. We miss that. A lot.
    — Dave D.